Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wash Pencil and Niji Waterbrush

One day this week I decided to take a walk with my sketchbook during my lunch hour at work. I walked into battery park and started sketching a tree with a brush pen. The next day I took some watercolor pencils and a Niji water brush. Now I look forward to my lunch hours more than before and I’ve taken the same tools and sketched on the train ride to and from work, on the bus on the way to my kids dental appointment.
During that time life was very busy, my 9 to 5 has been a busy place gearing up for various meetings and conferences which I have to print up material for, taking the kids to dental appointments and the eye doctor on the weekend and various other domestic chores. Add to that an assignment for five chapter illustrations which I enjoyed doing but wished I had more time on them. I enjoyed and appreciated the convenience of these tools, somehow being able to spend this small amount of time to work from life, to respond to nature rounds out my day and I always feel like doing more.

My son, sketched on the way to his
dental appointment
Tools I use while sketching. The kneaded eraser
is not much use with these tools
 but I also use mechanical pencils
which are of course erassable.

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  1. Hope I can comment. When I was young and working across from Grand Central Station in a Chase Manhattan Bank I decided to use my lunch hour to read poetry with my back to a Lion statue in front of the Public Library. It was so special as I drank a 10cent Needix and ate an apple and peanut butter sandwich. So glad you're finding ways to exercise your talent with limited time to do this. They are great artistic contributions.