Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pen and Ink

Pen and ink drawing was something I was drawn to very early, wanting to imitate the drawings I saw in comic books and comic strips. I think somewhere in my junior high school years I learned about India inks and nib pens and I also got into Marvel Comics Savage Sword of Conan black and white magazine. In those pages I enjoyed seeing the elaborate ink work that the reproduction methods in four color comics would not allow. Always hungry to learn more I discovered Frank Frazetta’s work, Bernie Wrightson, Franklin Booth, Joseph Clement Coll, Harrison Cady and the list grew and continues to grow.
In this medium I also have continued to explore the tools available from different types of ink to pens, (nibs, rapidograph, rotoring pens, gel ink pens, etc.), brushes, (Sumi, watercolor, prefilled brush pens).

It is one of my favorite doodling mediums, I fill pages in my sketch book with ink doodles or I would go over an old pencil sketch when I can’t think of anything else to do and that would help jump start my creative thinking.
Best of all after all these years it remains fun. Fun to do, to see other work in it and fun to continue learning more.

The above are meant to illustrate the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.

These two are train sketches. The top left was done with a refillable brush pen and the other with brush tip marker pens.

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