Sunday, September 19, 2010


In 2007 I  was asked for some sample caricatures for an assignment from Bloomberg Market Magazine. I did the samples and got the assignment and wound up doing two more caricatures for them afterward. I was glad to get the assignment not only because I got paid, (although that part made me really happy), but because I got a chance to do what some of my favorite artist do. I admire the work of David Levine, Jason Seiler, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and many artist who are not as well known but turn out wonderful work. I continued to work up samples even after the assignments and posted them on my deviant art page. The one of Brad Pitt had been included in an online article, Inspirational Showcase of 50 Great Celebrity Caricatures.This is the type of assignment that fits with a busy schedule since it can    be done fairly quickly and there is a quick turn around time because of             the magazine schedule.  I've also done story illustrations for a magazine and those take more time and planning but I was given a little more time for those, (a couple of weeks), and I always seem to manage the time when I'm getting paid.

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