Gouache Paintings

It's been sometime since I posted something on this blog, but although I have been negligent here I have been at work everyday trying to improve my painting and drawing skills.

It sounds funny to me to say that because it would seem that one would just have to do the thing whether it is drawing or painting. But improving the skills mean more than just putting pencil or brush to paper. It means observing and thinking and being disciplined in keeping to a schedule. There is a devotion that is taking place that requires daily activity and direction. By direction I mean that I just don't approach the time spent aimlessly but try to make the current work better than the last, lessons learned carry over in to the next work.

There is also time spent looking at art. Learning and appreciating the work of other artist past and present.

There is a lot to occupy me but I still have to get back to this blog and share that experience.

You can also catch more work on my YouTube channel Link as well as my Patreon page Link


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