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Pencil Portrait and Video

For sometime I have been doing gouache sketches on my lunch hour at work. Just recently I decided to change things up and do a pencil drawing and record my progress.

I was really unprepared to do the type of drawing I did with the materials at hand, a couple of mechanical pencils and my sketchpad. Some wooden pencil would have been better and I might have finished the drawing in one lunch hour instead of two (could've been two and a half). The drawing is what I felt like doing that day so that's what I did.

I edited the videos I created and posted it on Gumroad as a real time tutorial in two parts. The video bellow is a condensed version of the tutorial.

The video is available for purchase on Gumroad
Or you can view it as a Patreon member at the $3. tier

Digital Pastel Painting

Back on Rebelle again.
This software produces the most satisfying images because the look is so much closer to traditional media than any of the other software I've used. While there are other software that successfully mimic traditional media Rebelle manages to do so with a minimal amount of adjustment to brush properties or any technical stuff. It not only looks like traditional media it's almost as intuitive as picking up a brush or stick of pastel and painting with it. Almost. It is still software after all but with a not too steep a learning curve.

Below is a video I posted on YouTube in which I create the image posted on top of this page.

Links referred to in the video: