Drawing As Playtime

I remember when I was a kid and got a brand new box of crayons the first thing I would do would be to open the box and stare at all the colors that I had to choose from. I wasn't thinking of all the big things I could create, I had no masterpiece in mind. It was more about how I could play with all these colors. I wanted to make something with it but it was more about experiencing the act of creation, of watching an image form from under my hands as I use these wonderful, colorful materials.

I don't use crayons anymore but I still get that feeling when I buy new art supplies or when I begin to sketch using digital media. Although physically I just have a tablet and a stylus there are loads of digital brushes which either mimic traditional media or have a very unique look to them. That feeling of what I could do with such tools is pretty much the same especially when I am sketching with no other purpose in mind but to broaden my skills or become more familiar with the media I am using.

The result may not be a masterpiece but it certainly was fun and helped me to consider new approaches in how I draw something or how I use the material.


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