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Gouache Portrait Step By Step

I started with a pencil sketch just to indicate proportions and placement on the page. I then cover the whole page with a semi thin layer of paint. I am only looking to lay in a very general representation of light and dark shapes and color.

I continue to develop the large shapes, refining them and letting the larger shape lead me into smaller and smaller ones within the shape. In this way the details begin to emerge, not by trying to define the details right off but by letting the bigger outer shapes lead me to them.

As the shapes become more and more refined and the details begin to emerge I make sure to develop the background at the same time. I choose the color because of the blues and purples that are reflected in her face and hands. There was a blue curtain in the room where I took the photo reference and the light shining through the blue from those curtains and maybe bouncing up  from the jacket added the cool colors reflected on her face.

Here is the final painting. Througho…

Starting My New Gouache Sketchbook

On the left is the first gouache sketch in my new sketchbook. I have been keeping a sketchbook dedicated to working in gouache on my lunch hour at work.

I wanted to grow in my painting and drawing skills as well as having a better understanding of the medium. This is now my second gouache sketchbook having started the first one sometime in February and finished it in late May. The first entry begins the challenge of striving to make the next painting better than the last. Looking back at the first sketchbook I like how I that by comparing the last and the first paintings I managed to be able to handle the paint a bit better and improve on what I am able to do with the medium. I hope to repeat the experience in my new sketchbook.

Below is a video tour of that first sketchbook.

if you are interested in the gouache instructional that I mentioned you can purchase it at Gumroad using the following link... 

Why Should You Paint Self-Portraits?

There are several reasons why I paint self portraits. Most are very practical.

First of all is the convenience of having an ever ready model. I am always available.

Then there is also the ability to practice different techniques, styles, expressions, mediums, etc.

I have also painted myself as an old pirate or used my portrait to represent a character in an illustration. Those were fun to do but I usually am more serious about doing self portraits. Even as I use the painting to practice any one of the things I mentioned I also try to inject honesty in how I view myself or I may want to give a hint of something in my character that I try to communicate to the viewer.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel in which I discuss painting self portraits as I paint the image above.

For more instructive videos you can check out my Gumroad page

For my Patreon Page mentioned in the video you can click on this link

Drawing As Playtime

I remember when I was a kid and got a brand new box of crayons the first thing I would do would be to open the box and stare at all the colors that I had to choose from. I wasn't thinking of all the big things I could create, I had no masterpiece in mind. It was more about how I could play with all these colors. I wanted to make something with it but it was more about experiencing the act of creation, of watching an image form from under my hands as I use these wonderful, colorful materials.

I don't use crayons anymore but I still get that feeling when I buy new art supplies or when I begin to sketch using digital media. Although physically I just have a tablet and a stylus there are loads of digital brushes which either mimic traditional media or have a very unique look to them. That feeling of what I could do with such tools is pretty much the same especially when I am sketching with no other purpose in mind but to broaden my skills or become more familiar with the media I …

Pages From My Sketchbooks

For a little over a year now I have been working each month on making enough sketches to produce a downloadable PDF Sketchbook for my Patrons on Patreon.

I constantly challenge myself to make the next one better than the last and I think that has helped me to stay disciplined and to improve. I look forward to collecting the drawings and posting them.

These are some pages from some of the sketchbooks that I post monthly on my Patreon Page. The sketches include some digital drawings that I created in some of my drawing videos for  YouTube and Patreon. Sketchbooks, Hi-Res images and exclusive videos are available to view on my Patreon page for those who care to join, but there are also a great deal of public images that non members can view.