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Drawing Male Characters Part 2

I am continuing to work on a video series of drawing male characters. It's a lot of fun drawing the more extreme characters. There's just a lot more you can do with the less heroic characters. They're just more interesting to draw.

The first video in the series can be viewed on YouTube the others I am posting on my Patreon page and eventually making the entire series available on GumRoad.

Below are the drawings for part two which is posted on my Patreon page.


Drawing Male Characters Chap 1 Head Structure

Drawing faces from imagination involves more than knowing how to draw that generic head where you place all the features according to a structure or particular method. Of course whatever method you choose to use is important to start but how do you go from there to develop a character. You have to exaggerate and distort the underlying structure to create something unique and breathe life into the image.

This is part of the fun of sketching from imagination and even changing what you see if you use reference so that it will more closely communicate your idea or story, a skill very important to illustrators and story tellers.

I am starting a video series based on exploring drawing faces with character from imagination. The first video in the series (below) will begin with drawing a generic head. Although there are many excellent videos on drawing according to the Loomis Method or the Riley Method I thought it was necessary to start off with this as a foundation for developing charact…

My Gouache Sketchbook

It seems as though the best work that I can do is a balance between some progress and a lot of things I have to work on.
I wish I could get to the point of a lot of progress and some things I have to work on.

I've been keeping up with my gouache sketchbook in which I paint on my lunch hour at work. Sometimes it takes me 2 to 3 lunch hours to complete the sketch. I think that I've been going more slowly and not trying to rush to get everything done with in that hour. I have also come back to a sketch days later or even weeks later to make corrections.

These images were sketches I came back to to make corrections.

The two images below show how much I reworked an image. I think when I started the painting I really didn't feel up to it at the time but I decided to fight to be disciplined enough to maintain my routine. I came back to the sketch about a week later to correct the image. I got to a point where I couldn't make any more changes because the paint had gotten too t…