Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gouache Painting Video On Gumroad

I posted a new tutorial on Gumroad about painting a portrait in gouache. It is the first video I posted on that page about working in Traditional media.

I love gouache. It's a medium that combines characteristics of watercolor and oils. It is very flexible and forgiving and like watercolor very portable. I carry a tin palette of gouache with me everyday and use it practically everyday.

Most of the time I am making quick sketches spending no more than an hour painting in a sketchbook. For this gouache video I take it a step further and create a fully realized painting and show and explain the process.

Below is a YouTube video of one of the gouache paintings I did in my sketchbook during an hour break at work. It also served as notice about the gouache video on Gumroad.

The video is ready for download on Gumroad-
It is also available for my Patrons on Patreon in The Artist Helper Tier

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