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Gumroad Digital Painting Video

It's funny that I actually purchased Rebelle because of the watercolor brush in the program but I am drawn to the acrylic brush. Matter of fact with the recent upgrade I pretty much like all the brushes in the software.

   I put together a new video demonstrating the acrylic brush as I paint a portrait. This video is available for purchase on Gumroad or on my Patreon page for all my patrons there.

  Below is a teaser video I posted on my YouTube channel describing the video and showing some clips.


Digital Acrylic Painting In Rebelle 3

Continuing to work in Rebelle 3 because I enjoy the software so much. I like the heavy impasto look that the acrylic brush gives.

I've been working using a grisaille under painting also, in the case of the self portrait at left, a more direct alla prima method.

There are other programs with similar brushes and a similar effect, but Rebelle seems to be easier to use and the program itself not as expensive ($89.99).

Below is a video from my YouTube channel of the self portrait being painted.


Simplifying Digital Watercolor Painting

I painted a watercolor wash sketch in Rebelle 3 to just try out the brush.  At the same time I started to use a grey scale underpainting in my digital work. I would then proceed to color the grey scale painting using the different blend modes in the layer editor. The blend modes I would use were either  Overlay, Color, Multiply or a combination of the three. I would also use the Normal blend mode decreasing the opacity of the layer. The idea was to solve the drawing
and the values first then apply the color using the different blend modes. This will help not only to preserve the drawing and value structure underneath but it will also preserve the brush strokes and if I wanted to cover up anything I can adjust the opacity in the Normal blend mode to do so.

It occurred to me that I can preserve the unique qualities of the the watercolor brush tool in Rebelle in the same way.

The first version above was done in Rebelle. The other version was done in Auto desk sketchbook after I saved the…