Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rebelle 3, Digital Watercolor And Acrylic Paint

I have been mostly using Autodesk Sketchbook to create digital pieces but there are a lot of great software available. I have two criteria when selecting a software- 1) It's inexpensive ( under $100. would qualify for me ) and 2) It's easy to use. The less complicated the better. I do use Photoshop but only now and then and it's such a good program I do find it necessary to have but I use these other software daily and I use them for my illustration work as well.

Rebelle is one of those programs that I enjoy using, and for some of its capabilities I enjoy using it a lot more than Sketchbook. Rebelle's watercolor brush is everything one can ask for in order to create a digital watercolor that looks like the real thing. It mimics the medium so well. The Acrylic brush and the pastel brush are almost equally as good and more than adequate. This best thing is for what it does it is not difficult to use. The cost of the program is $89.99 To upgrade from an earlier version is $39.99

Below are two videos I made for my YouTube Channel demonstrating the Acrylic and watercolor brushes.

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