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Post Friday Sketch Dump

Once again I missed posting my lunch hour sketches on Friday.

Like before I took these sketches as far as I could in that hour lunch break. I don't go back into the drawing after that.

For the to portrait sketches I used reference. The other drawings are done from imagination.

Rebelle 3, Digital Watercolor And Acrylic Paint

I have been mostly using Autodesk Sketchbook to create digital pieces but there are a lot of great software available. I have two criteria when selecting a software- 1) It's inexpensive ( under $100. would qualify for me ) and 2) It's easy to use. The less complicated the better. I do use Photoshop but only now and then and it's such a good program I do find it necessary to have but I use these other software daily and I use them for my illustration work as well.

Rebelle is one of those programs that I enjoy using, and for some of its capabilities I enjoy using it a lot more than Sketchbook. Rebelle's watercolor brush is everything one can ask for in order to create a digital watercolor that looks like the real thing. It mimics the medium so well. The Acrylic brush and the pastel brush are almost equally as good and more than adequate. This best thing is for what it does it is not difficult to use. The cost of the program is $89.99 To upgrade from an earlier version is…

Post Friday Sketch Dump

I missed posting my drawings as I usually do on Fridays.

Here are a batch of sketches done through out the week on my lunch hour at work.

Friday Sketch Dump

It's been a little while since I posted a Friday sketch dump. This is just a collection of sketches I've done this week during my lunch hour at work.

Its so hard to find space to work now. When my children were younger it seemed as though my time went to them, now that they are teenagers they just seem to take up the small apartment we live in. But at least they are home. It's hard to grapple with the idea that one day the nest will be empty

Anyway, back to talking about art. It seems as though I have a little more time but less physical space, which is a bad combination.

At some point, soon, I'm going to have to figure this out because I don't want to be an artist someday I want to be one now. The computer has been a big help because it allows me to work digitally. But I really would like to work with real paint or ink or pencil. These lunch hour sketches are what I can manage for the moment.

You Tube Thumbnails For Videos

These are thumbnails that I create for my YouTube videos. I do these so that my videos would get noticed among the many videos it's surrounded by on YouTube. A title giving a brief description and the image of the finished artwork would hopefully draw peoples interest and they would then watch my video.

That's their function but they are also a lot of fun to do.

If any of these interest you the videos are available for viewing on my YouTube Channels.

Digital Painting Video Available On Gumroad and Patreon

In this video I show you the method I use to create a digital portrait.I explain the tools that I use- brushes, layer editor, blend modes and tablets. I also explain how I use reference to create my image. I take you from sketch to my color study and grey scale painting to the final image.I am using Autodesk Sketchbook but the method I use is applicable to just about any digital painting program.

It is available on Gumroad for $10. to download or $2. to rent.

It is also available for viewing for my Patrons on my Patreon site.