Thursday, May 31, 2018

Digital Portrait Video Tutorial Coming Soon

I have just put together a video where I demonstrate the process I use to paint a digital portrait. The subject of the portrait is myself as an old pirate.

In the video I explain how I use reference and also the tools that I use ( brushes, layer editor ). I will show you how to set up the file before you begin painting and take you through the steps from the initial drawing, value painting, color sketch and the finished painting.

The painting was done in Autodesk Sketchbook which can be downloaded from their website for free. However, the method I use in the video can be applied to most digital painting programs.

The video bundle will be available on Gumroad  June 2, 2018. The cost for the videos (There are several videos included in the package) will be $10. for the set, however if you are a Patron on my Patreon site you will be able to view them on any tier level from $1. to $6.

Autodesk Sketchbook

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