Monday, May 14, 2018

Art Instruction And Being Influenced By Other Artists

I honestly don't know if anyone can guess who my influences are when they look at my paintings.There are a lot of them but all I can see are the mistakes I make. I wonder if people see those too.

From the time I was in high school I bought art books like I had a habit. I went to museums a lot too. Books were great but nothing beats seeing the actual painting.

For a time, when I was in college I had to deal with instructors who were not interested in the direction a student would choose. I never had anyone of them ask me what I like or if I had an idea of the way I wanted to develop. Instead I remember one time looking through a book on the painter John Singer Sargent as the model was taking a break. The instructor asked me if I liked Sargent's work and I said yes then she just nodded her head and turned away. The next time I came to class she had a handful of xeroxed articles on Sargent. All negative. There were also glowing articles about another painter. One that she liked. This was one of the incidents that convinced me that art college was not for me. I do believe that art instruction is important and should be sought out but one should be able to decide for themselves who to study with. It should be along the lines of what interest's you personally.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel talking about this same topic and a sped up demo of me painting the image above.

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