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New Painting Application Review (Leonardo) Part 2

Leonardo is a very promising painting software that came out in it's Beta version in 2017.
While I do like it, like anything else there are pros and cons.

Actually there is only one con worth mentioning but it's a big one. It has to do with the canvas resolution.

You can set the physical size of the canvas to increase the over all size of your painting but the resolution remains at 72 pixels per inch. There doesn't seem to be any menu options where you can set your preferences for the canvas resolution or any other preference. You would have to adjust what you can every time you open the app.

That's the worse thing I can say about the app and it's a big deal. However the application is still in it's Beta stage and it is only months old so with everything else being a plus it remains very promising, especially when you read that the developer has definite plans on improving the application.

From the website, "More brushes, paint bucket tool and PSD-support…

Leonardo, New Digital Painting Software

It was suggested to me by a friend on Facebook that I should try this great new software called Leonardo.

I downloaded the 14 day free trail and so far it looks good. Its like a cross between Mischief and Sketchbook Pro.

It has that infinite canvas like Mischief and it also similar to Sketchbook Pro in that it is simple and easy to use.

My one reservation was that I did not seem to be able to change the resolution of the canvas. I wrote to the makers of the program and was told that in the canvas tab I could change the settings for the canvas resolution. I was not able to find that under that tab however I'm guessing that it's because I'm running their trail version. It is a fun enough application with plenty of potential so when I do get around to downloading the full version I will post an update. In the mean time please watch the video bellow about my first look at this software.

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