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Why The 100 Drawing Challenge Might Not Work

A popular challenge is that students or aspiring artist draw 100 drawings (when I was in high school I remember the number being higher) and at the end, by their 101 drawing they would see vast improvement. While I do agree that its a great challenge I do see that artist are taking that challenge in the wrong way. Instead of struggling through each drawing they hurriedly speed through the drawings filling up sketchbooks with bad drawings. You can't learn anything without struggle. Natural gifts and talent give you a boost but at some point everyone hits a wall that they will have to go beyond in order to get to the next level.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel in which I talk about this and about a commitment to strive against mediocrity.

As promised in the video I also include here a few of the quotes that I mentioned.

 “From the age of 6 I had a mania for drawing the shapes of things. When I was 50 I had published a universe of designs. But all I have done before the t…

Different Aproaches to Drawing the Head from Memory and Imagination

Always useful to be able to reach into your memory and imagination and be able to draw from it. Drawing from life adds to the library of information in the mind to draw from.

I love to sketch heads from imagination. To come up with different characters.

Here are some examples of heads drawn from imagination done in my sketchbook and on my computer tablet.

Below is a video demonstrating drawing the head and here are some links for books mentioned in the video,
Andrew Loomis:
Drawing the Head and Hands
Fun With A Pencil

On Being Self Critical

In my new Friday YouTube video I discuss the importance of being self critical.

I do this as I work on a drawing in the Mischief application.

The video is below. If you like the video consider subscribing to my YouTube channel where you can view many more and can expect a new video every Friday.

Some Preliminary Work For An Illustration

I loved reading Tolkien's stories of Middle Earth. As a teen I saw that world come to life in the animated Lord of the Rings movie by Bakshi. Although looking back there was much lacking in that film to my teenage eyes it was nothing short of incredible.

After watching that movie I read all the Tolkien material I could find and to this day I remain a fan.

A little while a go I decided I wanted to illustrate a scene as a promotional illustration. I chose the scene when Merry and Pippin meet Tree Beard in Fangorn Forrest.

It remains a work in progress and hopefully I can get back to it soon. Here are some of the sketches I've made in preparation for the illustration.

Forget About Style Worry About Improving Your Drawing Instead

My youngest son loves to draw but like all young (and old) artist he's frustrated with his efforts. He's not as good as he wants to be and he's hungrily searching for a distinctive style.

I made and posted this video on my YouTube channel sharing the discussion I had with him regarding this. Hopefully he will take it to heart.

After watching the video feel free to leave comments regarding your views on this. Would love to hear what artists are thinking.

Friday YouTube Video Digital Watercolor In Rebelle 2

My latest video was just posted on my YouTube channel showing how I painted the digital watercolor on the left. I used a software called Rebelle 2 that simulates watercolor brushes very accurately.

Just below the Rebelle watercolor is the same figure in a slightly different pose that I had done earlier using traditional watercolors.

The YouTube video is at the bottom. You can also link here to my channel where you can view other videos and subscribe.