Friday, August 11, 2017

Oil Portrait In ArtRage

I've purchased a few different digital painting software over the years and have not fully exploited them all. I keep returning to Sketchbook Pro because it is easy to use but there are others that while they may not be as easy to use offer a lot in the way of mimicking traditional media. Two favorites that come to mind are ArtRage and Rebelle.

Before I write anymore let may say that two major considerations for me are cost (both of these programs are under $100.) as well as being able to use the software without getting to technical. I want to be able to pick a brush and not have to play around with the presets too much. I not only want the look to be like traditional media, I want the experience as well.

 This painting was done in ArtRage. On the close up at right you can see how much like oil the final image looks.

Below is a YouTube video I posted on my channel showing this image being painted,

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