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Friday Video ArtRage Self Portrait Using Pastel Brush

Recently I decided that I was going to post a new video every Friday on my YouTube channel.

This self portrait done in the digital painting application ArtRage is the subject of my latest video.

On my YouTube channel I like to explore different digital painting software. Mostly ones that are either low cost or free but all of good quality. I have subscriptions to higher end software but exploring the options that these other software shows that there are also cheaper yet powerful alternatives that you don't have to spend a lot of money on. They are also a good jumping in point for those who use traditional media and want to explore digital media.

At some point when I can afford some good recording equipment I will also introduce videos using traditional media.

Below is the video from my YouTube channel. You can also access my channel here and view more videos or subscribe to my channel if you have a YouTube account.

Watercolor Wash Drawings

Some wash drawings I completed on my lunch hour. I drew as careful a pencil drawing as I could for the one on the left and applied the wash on my lunch hour the next day.

In the next drawing I drew the figure on my way to work. He was a fellow train passenger sitting across from me who kept dozing off so I started drawing him. on my lunch hour I did the quick wash drawing based on the pencil sketch. 

The very bottom wash drawing was of my son who fell asleep across from me on a train ride headed back home from Brooklyn where we were visiting relatives. I took a snap shot of him on my phone and used that for reference.

I love doing these wash drawings because they are a very quick way of completing a sketch. Helpful when I don't have a lot of time.

ArtRage Pastel Brush Painting and Video Demo

Decided to try the pastel brush in the ArtRage application. I really enjoyed it and am going to use this brush again.

Below is a video I posted on my YouTube channel of the painting in progress.

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All through my school years I remember drawing in the margins of my notebooks or on some scrap paper I had hidden under my notebook. I would cover the paper up with the back cover of my loose leaf notebook when the teacher was looking. As soon as the teacher turned to write on the black board I would pull up the cover and continue to work on my drawing.

It was always a doodle of some favorite comic book character or a character from some story I was reading.

This habit of doodling stuff continues today on my job. Every free chance I get I would grab a sheet of paper and doodle at my desk. Sometimes trying to be careful not to get caught, sometimes not caring. Most of these doodles wind up in the trash. Others are thumbnail sketches for something I intend to paint or draw later. Others are just a bunch of fun doodles like what I am posting here and I can't decide whether to keep them or just throw them out. So I hold on to them for a while and some get filed away while others do ev…

Oil Portrait In ArtRage

I've purchased a few different digital painting software over the years and have not fully exploited them all. I keep returning to Sketchbook Pro because it is easy to use but there are others that while they may not be as easy to use offer a lot in the way of mimicking traditional media. Two favorites that come to mind are ArtRage and Rebelle.

Before I write anymore let may say that two major considerations for me are cost (both of these programs are under $100.) as well as being able to use the software without getting to technical. I want to be able to pick a brush and not have to play around with the presets too much. I not only want the look to be like traditional media, I want the experience as well.

 This painting was done in ArtRage. On the close up at right you can see how much like oil the final image looks.

Below is a YouTube video I posted on my channel showing this image being painted,

Watercolor Wash Drawings

These are some of the sketches I've been making on my lunch break at work. Working with a watercolor wash I can make a quicker statement and use as much or as little detail as needed to carry the image. Because I'm just making decisions about value and not color I can work a little faster and get more done in that hour.

It's more like drawing with a brush.