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Recent Watercolor

It's been some time since I've used transparent watercolor for something more than a quick sketch.

 I did do a couple of sketches of this woman in a watercolor wash using only black. I had posted them earlier and am re-posting here for comparison.

I think I lost some of the freshness of the sketch in the face though her clothing looks loosely painted. Sometimes I have to put away the painting for a little while and look at it again to determine how I feel about it.

Often I have one of two feelings. Either I am  disappointed with the finish or I am satisfied that it is the best that I can do at the time.

Watercolor Wash Sketches

One lunch hour is not a lot of time to do more than a quick sketch or a bunch of doodles. But when I take my lunch one hour is all I have and of course I need to subtract some time for the hastily gobbled up sandwich or what ever I'm having that day. If I want to take my time and develop an image it will take some days or if I want to do some quick sketches that are fairly resolved I can choose a medium that lends itself to that like a watercolor wash.

The most time I would spend on these is in the beginning when I do a pencil drawing where I try to be as correct as possible outlining and measuring, anticipating the values,etc. Then the wash is quickly placed on top of the outline. The drawing of the man on the above sketch was done more hastily but the head of the woman on the upper left corner was sketched the day before and the wash was applied on the next day during my lunch hour.

You can see the pencil outline on the left and the finished wash drawing on the right.

The Sketchbook, Drawing From Imagination And Memory

Drawing from imagination, comic book characters and cartoons when I was a kid was how I began to draw. The older I got the more realism I strove for without any training in drawing from life. But when I finally began learning how to draw and paint from life I began to distrust my imagination/ memory more and more. This was a mistake. Drawing from imagination or memory should be just as important in my opinion as drawing from life.

What I learn in drawing from life can feed information into my drawings from memory and imagination and the same can be said for the reverse. I find that it helps especially when I am doing an illustration and can't find the reference for what I want or can only find partial reference. The only thing to do is to rely on memory and imagination.

Sometimes I might be working on an illustration and just sketch out some of the characters in the story. I also like to try and recall the faces of my fellow passengers on the train and sketch those out when I get…

Progression Of A Gouache Painting

Above is a progression of a gouache painting I did in my sketchbook.
I started out with a pencil outline of the portrait then I painted spots of color trying to be conscious of value and temperature. I did the pencil under drawing on my lunch break at work which took about 45 minutes. the first lay in of colors took about an hour and a half to two hours- done before just before going to sleep at night.

The next day back at work I continued to paint on my lunch hour smoothing out the paint by adding water and a bit more paint. In the third panel on the right I continued to paint at home for a couple of more hours adding more paint and smoothing the transition between values with just water on the brush.

The final painting is on the left.

I should have taken a scan of the initial pencil drawing underneath but I didn't think of it. It would have looked a lot like the drawing I included on the bottom.