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Self Portraits

I've done many self portraits over the years. Sometimes I would sit in front of a mirror, sometimes I would use a photo, Sometimes I would paint a straight forward self portrait and other times I would use a bit of imagination- like portraying a pirate. Sometimes I would try and generalize more and other times I would try and put as much detail as I can.

Pen and Ink Composition Process

Poe stories are a source I return to every now and then for ideas. One of the things I always wanted to do was to illustrate a collection of my favorite short stories by him. The Masque of the Red Death would be number one on my list.

I've loved the comics adoptions of Poe stories, especially the ones done in the Warren black and white magazines. I wanted to also try my hand at illustrating these stories.

As it goes I had some free time to work on this. I really agonized over the first page in the first story I choose to adapt'

I decided to work on an overall composition then I would draw the individual characters in my sketchbook and cut and paste the figures in Photoshop. I would print out the file and touch it up with brush, pen and ink and a bit of whiteout.

When I finally arrived at something I liked I would draw out the final image on bristol board and ink it. The lettering was done in Photoshop after I scanned the final image.