Friday, January 6, 2017

Making Better Drawings

So far in this new year I have made a commitment to do at least one ink drawing a day in a sketchbook set aside specifically for pen and ink work. I enter drawings in this sketchbook in addition to whatever else I may be working on.

What I've given myself the liberty to do is to try as many styles as I want to try. Usually there is a combination of influences or things that I've seen that I want to try. As a result the drawings may not seem like they are all done by the same artist (me of course). But this is my sketchbook, its not about doing something finished and polished (although that doesn't mean I let myself do a bad drawing) it's about practice or trying new things and just having fun.

We've always been told that drawing daily is a way of improving ones drawing skills. Part of that is being able to look at the drawings and realize ones weakness. For me I see that I need to focus more on correcting the drawing and less about the rendering.  I see mistakes like the incorrect placement of the features. One eye maybe slightly lower than the other or the nose or mouth may be a bit off the axis of the head. Repeatedly noticing these things helps me to be more conscious of it as I draw. In your sketchbook you're allowed to make a bad drawing but the next one has to be better.


  1. I'm curious how big the sketchbook is. I apologize if you have already posted that. Great idea. Why wait for Inktober?

    1. The sketchbook is 9X12". I just like the fun of participating and looking at other people's InkTober drawings.