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My Sketchbook Habit

What do I try to accomplish in my sketchbook besides trying to make better drawings? I try different styles, different marks. I flesh out characters from a story I will illustrate or a story I am reading or have read.

The sketchbook is a place to think, to play, to resolve fundamental things about putting a picture together or about drawing in general. Its for resolving how to draw an ear, how to construct a head from life, photos or imagination.

It is a place, a real place where I go to everyday.

 These sketches from my sketchbook are my daily sketches done on my lunch hour at work and time spent at the end of the day before I turn in for bed, Sometimes they are made early in the morning before taking off for work.

Book- Sketches, Drawings and Paintings 2016

Collection of my work from 2016 (and some earlier stuff) Includes InkTober 2016, Watercolors and Gouache as well as digital work.
Gil Robles Sketches Drawings and Paintings 2016 By Gil Robles

Painting With A Limited Palette In Gouache

Been a little while since I picked up a brush to paint. I had spent the last two months doing pen and ink drawings and sketches and thinking about how much I wanted to paint.

I decided that I would spend this weekend painting with gouache. The painting on the left was done with a limited palette. I used Lamp Black, Permanent Scarlet, Yellow Ochre and White. Based on the Zorn Palette, but not the exact same colors he used- he used Ivory Black (a blueish black), Cadmium Red Medium, Yellow Ochre and White.

It was a new thing for me to paint with a limited palette. At first I wanted to add ultramarine Blue because it would've been easier to add cooler colors but I decided to stick to the limited palette. It turned out to be a good decision because one of the challenges I have with introducing some of the other colors is that I find it harder to control the values. Colors like Ultramarine Blue when I apply them appear darker when wet but when they dry they appear too high key even whe…

Post InkTober Pen and Ink Sketches

I try to keep busy on my lunch hour at work and by busy I mean I don't let the hour go by without sketching something. Usually I use some sort of reference that either I photographed myself or got from the internet. If I don't have anything that I think is interesting then of course I rely on my imagination.

The thing is that I make the hour a sacred time in which drawing is like meditation. A quick bite to eat only subtracts about 10 minutes from the hour and I may go a little bit past the hour (what my boss doesn't know won't hurt him).

Adding A Bit Of Digital Color To Some InkTober Drawings

I took a few of the drawings I did for InkTober 2016 and added color using Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

It was just a fun way to kill a lazy Sunday

Some Pen, Brush and Ink Sketches

3 things I am shooting for in these drawings from my sketchbook.

1) Trying to make a better drawing

2) Trying to get comfortable with the tools- a Pentel Pocket Brush and some Micron Pens

3) Trying to come up with different ways of making marks, not looking for a style, just doing something different so that I can have as many ways of approaching an ink drawing