Friday, September 30, 2016

Books On Pen and Ink Drawing

I have been buying art books since High School. My wife complains every time I purchase a new book because there is no more room.

With Inktober a day away I thought I might start to share some of my books I have on pen and ink drawings.

I believe any list about pen and ink artist should start with these three (the first two anyway).

Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen by Joseph Pennell. I bought this book when I was in college. It is a great survey of pen and ink artist in Europe and America and is easily the best book I ever purchased on ink work. The writer can come across as very opinionated although he is also a master of the medium. However whether one agrees with him or not it doesn't take away from the beautiful illustrations in the book.

Ink Drawing Techniques by Henry C Pitz ( a well known illustrator who worked in pen and ink) was given to me by my sister when I was in high school. I loved this book which also had great examples of ink works by many different artists as well as being very instructive in the tools and techniques of the medium.

Treasury of American Pen & Ink Illustration 1881-1938 by Fridolf Johnson. This last book may not be as impressive as the first two but this very inexpensive book has a nice sampling of pen and ink work by many early American illustrators. It also has a very interesting introduction with a brief history on pen work for reproduction.

I think that the only one of these books that is out of print is the one by Henry C Pitz but all three can be easily found on Amazon. I have included a link for each of these books bellow.

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  1. Yeah, my wife tells me the same thing. But since My work commitments are rather heavy, books, and to a lesser extent, the internet have become my makeshift atelier. I really don't have a choice other than to be auto-didactic. There is no substitute for great art books. Thanks for the info.