Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From Roughs To Finished Illustration

How did I arrive at the finished illustration on the upper left?

First it was a fun story to illustrate about a rescue mission gone wrong in the amazon and how the rescuer was able to complete his mission and survive. It was like a pulp adventure story based on a real life story. I was asked to illustrate three scene's, in this one I had to illustrate the main character evading a charging crocodile.

I provided three rough sketches for the scene. All of them were done in Sketchbook Pro. I had a tight deadline and the fastest way I could work this sketch is by doing it digitally.

The editor picked the rough in the center (B).

I took that rough and enlarged it in Sketchbook Pro and began to develop the drawing further. I had more reference for the crocodile than I did for the male figure so a lot of this was from imagination.

I took a few tries at refining the mans pose.

 After I was satisfied with the pose I placed the figure on a separate layer from the crocodile and the background and began to paint.

I painted the illustration in the manner I always paint using Sketchbook Pro. I did not save the steps in the painting from start to finish but I have many videos on YouTube like the one below where I show and explain how I work.

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