Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Digital Painting Civil War Scene

One day I am going to be able to afford a 21 inch screen Cintiq tablet. Until then I will have to struggle with the 12 inch screen that I work with. The great advantage to the Cintiq is that you can draw right unto your monitor with the pen that comes with the tablet. But it becomes a challenge for me to zoom in and out of the image to work on the details. I would rather look at the whole image at once as much as possible. This is not such a problem when doing portraits or sketching but when I work on a piece with several figures in an environment it becomes a bit more difficult. Not impossible but annoying.

I have for the most part avoided anything to complicated in my digital work for this reason. Then I get the urge to want to do a bit more. I could work the painting out with oil or gouache (might still do that) but that is a matter of time and space and both are in short supply at the present.

So I tackled this Civil War painting on my little Cintiq. The painting came about as a result of spending some hours watching Ken Burns Civil War documentary and reading the novel 'The Killer Angels' by Michael Shaara.

The following images show the progression from the beginning, middle and end stages but all in all there were about 23 different sessions on the computer as I worked on the painting as time permitted. I include also a time lapse video showing the work at the end of each stage,

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