Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sketching Vs, Drawing

My son wants me to teach him how to draw. He likes drawing what other kids his age are into- Manga and game characters. I spend time with him giving him lessons and encouraging him every chance I get.

One of the lessons I am trying to teach him right now is that there is a difference between drawing and sketching. When he is drawing he is so intense, focused on everything looking just right and he is constantly frustrated by his efforts. I tell him he has to loosen up, that if he would just sketch first, not worrying about being so perfect he would be more relaxed and enjoy his drawing experience.

I think there is a slight difference between sketching and drawing. When you are drawing you are concentrating on making everything just right but when you sketch  you are able to let go, loosen up and not take yourself so seriously, but then again you can if you feel so inclined. A drawing has to be perfect but a sketch doesn't. At the same time never make a lousy drawing and use as an excuse that it was just a sketch.

To the left and above are a bunch of sketches I did on my lunch break at work . The image of the Trumpet player and the one of my son below are more carefully observed drawings.

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