Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Civil War Sketches

There are certain subjects I return to again and again. I am not a student of history but I love to draw certain histories, the Civil War being one of them. This is a recent thing though.

I keep returning to the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War and that probably had a lot to do with choosing the subject matter. On my brother's recommendation, I will pick up a copy of "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara and begin reading it this week end.

A little while back I made a list for myself of the types of things I loved to sketch from imagination. The Civil War and Pirates top that list. I began to collect images of those things that I might use as reference. When I use these references what I try to do is combine several photos as well as my imagination. Sometimes to much of the photo remains in the end. I try to avoid that.

The top sketch I did for fun, on my lunch break at work. In this one I felt that I used the combination of imagination and various references successfully. In the drawing immediately under that I was working out two figures who will be part of a larger composition.

The bottom is a 45 minute sketch I did trying out Clip Studio Paint which I just purchased. It used to be Manga Studio I believe. I was trying out the watercolor brush tools.

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