Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Civil War Sketches

There are times when I can be clueless as far as what to do next. In those times I find it best to just keep sketching or take some time to look at art and be inspired- buy a new book, magazine or go to a museum. Its good to see what another artist friend is doing and be inspired by their enthusiasm for the subject matter. Blogs, social media keep you connected even if you can't walk into someones studio.

Then there are times where it seems I have a million ideas and only enough time to do two.

So it is with a painting I am currently working on. I started working on a composition for a civil war scene. Wanted to use it as a demo (either for a book on digital painting or a video or both). However I have two illustration assignments to finish (which is good news) and those deadlines come first. In between these assignments I manage to continue with preliminary sketches and sketches like the gouache in the above image- something to keep my interest up. Below is the preliminary sketch for the civil war painting.


  1. Cartridge box slings/ shoulder belts should go over the left shoulder...sorry I do Civil War reenacting. If you need any info on uniforms let me know I'd be happy to help. I'm sure your deadline does not allow you to deal with too many nit picky details. I really do like your work.

    1. Thank you. No need to apologize I really do appreciate you sharing that knowledge. I will be sure to make those changes in the final image. I hope to get to Gettysburg this August for scheduled reenactments (postponed from July) and take lots of reference photos.

    2. Reenactments can sometimes be a great source for reference. Unfortunately the accuracy of the "impressions" is all over the place. Quite a few reenactors are far from the average age of soldiers from the period. At the battle of Gettysburg the average age of a soldier was around 25. Here is a link to a photo gallery of what IMO is one of the most accurate groups. Their member do both Federal (Union) and Confederate impressions.