Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oil Painting on Paper.

My first painting of 2015 actually was supposed to be a pen and ink drawing.

I started with a careful pencil outline on a sheet of Strathmore rag bristol board. I placed a sheet of tracing vellum to make a few quick pen and ink warm up drawings. I accidently got some of the ink onto the sheet of bristol board. Rather than start all over again I decided to coat the
paper with acrylic medium, a clear gesso which would allow me to see the pencil drawing and seal it from the oil paint's I used to finish the work.

If this would have been my original plan instead of the ink drawing I would have probably done a more careful pencil drawing. I didn't stop to think that I could have worked it out a little better ( probably my disappointment that I was not able to use it for the ink drawing ).

I learned to use the acrylic medium over a pencil drawing from watching videos made by artist James Gurney.  I highly recommend purchasing his videos and/or his books. You can view his blog HERE or his YouTube Channel HERE

The image at bottom left shows the progression of the painting reading each row from left to right.

I'm glad I did this piece in oils. I think for 2015 I will return to the medium more often.

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