Thursday, January 8, 2015

Golden Age Pen and Ink Illustrators

The artist Robert Henri is quoted in the book "The Art Spirit" telling his students"..all the past is yours." I think about this when I look at the work of past masters. Fine artist and illustrators, there is so much work there. So much that gets forgotten and rediscovered and then buried again

The work of past pen and ink artist come to mind. At one time names like Franklin Booth, Joseph Clement Coll, Charles Dana Gibson were widely known, not just by artist and art students but by the public who read the periodicals that published their drawings. Artist still use pen and ink and there are a number of really great illustrators using the medium but the golden age of the pen and ink illustrator is gone. Thats not to say that the medium will never see a revival. Who knows, it just may be that artist can turn another page and and show that there is still more to be said. I enjoy using the medium and will continue to do so, but for this post I will include the works of some of the best masters of the medium from it's golden age.

Joseph Clement Coll

Edwin Austin Abbey

Franklin Booth

Charles Dana Gibson

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  1. Booth, Cole and Gibson... part technique, part knowing what to show and what to leave out... the master's touch. Still incredible work.