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A traditional Pen and Ink Illustration

For a recent illustration assignment I decided to return to traditional media rather than digital. Although I eventually put in some shading in Sketchbook Pro the pen and ink illustration was largely done using a steel nib and india ink on paper.

 The reason for working this way was that I liked the idea for the drawing and wanted to have an original rather than a digital copy. Compared to doing a pen and ink drawing digitally working with traditional media can seem tedious.  The reason I find it so is because of the work it takes to go from initial sketch to finished pencil drawing, then transferring that drawing to a sheet of Bristol board to do the final inking.  What I do with the initial drawing, once its been approved, is to rework It making corrections. I do this using a sheet of tracing paper placed over the drawing. I will continue to make corrections using as many sheets of tracing paper as needed till I feel satisfied with the drawing.
After that I transfer the final drawi…