Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Is More Important Than Technical Skill

These two watercolors are of the same person, my Mother. The time in between these paintings is about 12 years. It's painful to look at them beside each other. Such a reminder of how time can pass almost unnoticed until you look back on images like this.

Technically I know these paintings have there faults but there is a heavy feeling and personality that is communicated in the image's, especially the bottom one. That counts as much, maybe more than the how good the painting is technically.

My belief is that a really good painting is a marriage of both technical skills and an ability to communicate something to your audience, and the first is in the service of the latter. After all, you learn how to paint so that you can communicate what you see, feel and think to your audience.

What you say with your skills is what is going to remain with them when the image is no longer in front of them. It could be a feeling, memory or an idea, but they should walk away with something.

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