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Wash Drawings

You know that left over paint you have on your water color palette. The stuff that you were mixing together. Don't wipe it off your palette. Use it to make wash drawings in your sketchbook. The paint is expensive enough, there's no need to just throw it away, use it.

The sketches I'm posting here were made with the left over paint on my water color palette. Might as well use it to fill up pages in my sketchbook. To be honest, it's been a little while since I've worked in watercolor. Doing these wash drawings help me get warmed up to the medium once again.

Self Portraits

Its funny how I can be really busy and feel like I get very little done. Some illustration work, a couple of small self portraits, some sketching and then a whole lot of everything else ( 9 to 5, family, etc.).

Personally, I feel that even though I am busy doing illustration work, its important for me to take the time to do things like the self portrait. In my illustrations I am mostly working from imagination. The more I work from life, the more mental reference I accumulate and can recall when I am working from memory or my imagination.  Also after I've worked on a number of these small paintings I find that I eventually want to go on to something more challenging or some idea pops into my head and I begin working on something more ambitious.

The sketch on the bottom is in one of the styles I work in when I am drawing from my imagination.