Sunday, November 24, 2013

Working Pass A Creative Block.

First, let me apologize. Its been some time since I've posted anything. Life has thrown a few curves recently and I have had to deal with things as best as I could. The name of the blog says it all, its a busy world and sometimes as much as I want to sit down and draw or paint its hard to focus on one thing.

 Life happens and sometimes you have to slow down, regroup and pick up again.

It can be very difficult to just pick up and start again. I find it nearly impossible to begin where I left off. I find that if I just start sketching I will eventually begin to challenge myself to do more and more, to become more ambitious.

Sketching is a way of going back to a starting place, where you began your artistic journey.
Just pencil and paper, your curiosity and your imagination and the need to reinterpret what you see or what your thinking into a language that others can read.

It becomes fun again.


  1. Hi there, you labeled this as "brush drawing". Does that mean you used pen and ink?
    If not, any speific kind of markers (or already filled pens) did you use for the really dark areas in the man and the tree and the white highlights?
    Great work. Very beautiful sketches.

    1. Pentel makes a pocket brush pen that I used for the two bottom drawings. The drawing on the top was done in water soluble Graphite pencil (made by Generals) with a white prisma color pencil.