Saturday, October 26, 2013

New How To Book On Sketchbook Pro Painting Essentials

A while back I received an email from PACKT Publishers asking me if I would be interested in writing a How To book on painting in Sketchbook Pro. They may have seen my You Tube Chanel or this blog or maybe my Deviant Art page, don't know which but it lead to my writing this book. Though its mostly about painting I spend sometime talking about pen and ink as well. There is a sample chapter available on the PACKT website . The book is written with the beginning to intermediate user in mind and Sketchbook Pro is a lot easier to learn, in my opinion, then a lot of other graphic software. Sketchbook Pro also less expensive and still able to turn out professional quality digital works of art. So this would be a good jumping in point if you want to explore going from traditional media to digital. There are demos in the book on Painting, Pen and Ink and Pen and Ink and color as well as how to create a Do It Yourself Brush in Sketchbook Pro.

The book can be ordered on the website ( which has the best deal- the book which is printed in black and white is bundled with a color PDF/Epub  version ) or from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble and a couple of other outlets. A link to the book will also be listed on the store page on this blog.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sketch Book Pro

I miss easel painting. I hate living in this really cramp apartment and having to work at a 9 to 5 to live in this box. Would be nice to have a studio and the time to work in it. There is enough space to work on watercolors, which is what I mostly do, but its my nature to switch media rather than work with just one medium all the time.

As I've said before, it helps to be able to work on my computer. I don't feel cramped by the lack of space, because there's just enough for my computer which is all I need. The time it takes to set up and clean up is shortened by just having to open the program and save the document. There is also a lot of different software to choose from and always new ones to try out. Right now I'm enjoying Sketchbook Pro. I like it because I can focus more on actually drawing and painting then trying to learn about how to use the software. Sketchbook Pro is so easy to use, so straight forward. The learning curve is as minimal as you can get.

The software allows me to switch mediums digitally so that I am either painting or drawing in  pencils, markers or with pen and ink. Its a wonderful tool.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Paintings Of My Mother


When I was a teen I struggled hard to learn how to draw and paint. I had a very supportive family. My brother and sister would pose for me from time to time; I would even sketch my brother as he slept in the bed across from mine. My mother would pose for me too. They weren’t always patient but they would fight through their discomfort and sit as I would try to draw as quickly as I could. My mother even bought me a large mirror so I can work on self portraits when no one was available to sit for me.

It’s taken me too long to remember this and appreciate the time they took to indulge me. My family has given me many good memories of love and patience. 

My mother is now ninety years old and I am not sure if she knows who I am when I visit her. I try to talk to her but I’m not sure if she can understand me.   Most of the time I pass the time by taking out my iPad and sketching her in one of the many drawing apps I have loaded on the tablet. While I sketch her I am playing music for her, the music that she liked and listened to. Most of the time she would fall asleep, as I continued to draw her.  It’s a very hard thing to do.  I would rather have a conversation with her. To be able to talk and laugh, to remember the old neighborhood, family, etc. To hear stories about her childhood and the grandparents I never got to know. But drawing is all I can do and maybe it’s a way of helping her to remember the son who loved art so much. 

This was done many years ago when my Mom would sit for me.