Monday, August 19, 2013

Inking In Sketchbook Pro 6

I love this medium. Its just a black line but you can suggest so much by varying the weight and density of that line. seeing how much one can do with so little is a great challenge.

Sketchbook Pro has a number of brushes that can be used as is or tweaked to resemble a line made with a nib pen or inking brush.. The pencil tool can also be used as an ink brush as long as your properties for the canvas is set to a high resolution.

If you have Sketchbook Pro the default properties for the canvas are set for a low resolution image.You should set your preferences to get the best quality image by going to your menu bar and selecting  Edit-Preference-Canvas. The height or the width should be set at no less than 4000 the other number being slightly lesser, (my width is set to 4000 and the height is set to 3075). The resolution should be set at no less than 400. When you hit okay restart the program for your changes to take affect. You will see a better quality of line right off.

There is a brush I used for the drawing of the woman on the left that I honestly can't remember if it came with the program or it was one of the many tweaks I made as I went along. It resembles a line made with a brush with split hairs. The resulting image looks like either a dry point etching or a dry brush drawing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Painting the Passage of Time 2/ Portrait of My Mother at 90


Been a busy few weeks. Finished a book cover illustration, (and layout) as well as two spot illustrations for a magazine and I am in the middle of another project. It's good to be busy and get paid for it.

Still found time to do this portrait of my Mom in Sketchbook Pro 6. I guess this is a continuation of my last post about painting the passage of time. I've painted my Mom so many times and at different points in her life. Not easy to paint her right now, sometimes it can drive me to tears because its so hard to reach her. I always wonder if she can understand what is happening around her, what is she thinking or remembering. She can not articulate these things. I sit with my Mother listening to her favorite music and sometimes I draw her as she sits in her wheelchair or lies in bed.

Bellow is a video capture of my computer screen as I worked on the painting.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Portraits, Painting and Drawing the Passage of Time

 One of the hardest things to deal with in life is aging. I am at a point in my life where I feel like I am standing in the middle. On the one side I have those who came before me grow older and in need of care and on the other I have my children who I have watched grow from infants to their preteen and teenage years and have become more and more independent.

I go almost every other day after work to see my mother. She lays down in her bed staring outward, occasionally trying to communicate something. I can only make out a few words, not enough to understand her most of the time. I play some music that I downloaded for her, the music she played when I was younger, and I sit and draw her.

 My mother sat for me a few times when I started painting from life in high school. She was a very patient sitter. She was in her late fifties then. My mom is ninety now. I guess as much as entries in a journal these images represent some personal note, my continued affection for my mother and the passage of time.

On the left is one of the earliest drawings I've done of my mom, way back in high school. Bellow that is an oil sketch I did when I was in college. The drawing on the right and bellow are the most recent ones.