Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Painting App- Procreate For The Ipad

I use to think I was such a traditionalist- wouldn't touch a computer to do artwork on. Now I keep looking for different programs  and gadgets to try.

I purchased Sketchbook Pro 6 a few months ago then I purchased Artrage a few weeks ago and here I just downloaded the Procreate app  for Ipad.

The  drawings I post here are done on my Ipad using Procreate. They are my first attempts on this app. I started by using the trusty pencil and it looks a lot like the real thing. I have a lot to learn about this app since I just got it but right off the bat I like the way the brushes look. The drawing on top was done using the ink brush and the look is exactly the way a sketch done in pen and ink would look.

Jot Pro
To go along with this new app I also purchased the Jot Pro Stylus. I'm glad to have a stylus that allows me to see the line as I'm working. the stylus I had before this was just a big round rubber tip that was too clumsy to draw with. It's not perfect, sometimes the line seems to start and stop as if I was using a pen that is running out of ink. It can be a little frustrating  but it is the best stylus I've used for the Ipad so far.

The drawings were of fellow passengers on the #5 train in New York. It was fun to be able to sketch on the Ipad and listen to the music in my library at the same time.

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