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Watercolor Sketchbook

Been away for a short while because life has gotten really busy, in a good way. What is it that  has kept me so busy I will share at a later time once some things are finalized.

In the mean time work most go on. I have reserved late nights and early mornings to spend time in my sketchbook. I don't work very long at these, a couple of hours at night and one more in the morning. At some point I will get a break where I have more time, it helps me to paint every day until then. This way I can grow more comfortable and confident with my materials and the way I paint.    Paint until you feel physical strain- take a break and then paint some more. (Irwin Greenberg)

These sketches were fun to do. I think that I would like to redo all of them though, especially the sketch on the right. I think that one would make a nice painting if I could paint it right.                           

Some Watercolor Sketches And A Watercolor Video Demo

The Watercolor at left is a study for a portrait I intend to do of a friend of mine. I wasn't sure how I was going to paint his beard or the hair on top of his head. Also had some trouble with his lips.I will try and correct these things when I go to a finished painting. I also want to try and get away from so much rendering. It looks as if I rush to a finish to quickly.

The watercolor bellow is from my sketchbook. I made a video as I painted it. I really don't have the right camera for doing this but the video didn't come out to bad- I hope.

Planning A Painting

I used to hate doing preliminary drawings or any sketching leading up to a final painting, It always seemed so tedious, like I was doing things over.

The truth is I find I am more satisfied with the results when I take the time to explore the image first. One of the reasons why I  started to do this was to help me decide which medium I wanted to paint the image in.

I start with a pencil drawing. It helps me to identify and try to solve ahead of time the areas of the image that are going to be more difficult for me. In this image I wasn't sure how I was going to resolve the models right hand. The fingers were in shadow and I had to find a way to make the shape read like a hand and not a stump. The face was also mostly in shadow and I had to decide how much information was necessary and how much I could leave out.

In the color sketch above  I was mostly concerned with how I was going to paint some areas cool alongside warmer colors. Like the cool blue along her temple and some of t…