Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Convenience Of Drawing And Painting On the Computer

Drawing on my computer is a great convenience. It’s like having an open sketchbook always in front of me or a clean canvas on the easel with all my paints out, neatly arranged. When life gets too hectic or I feel like I just can’t bring myself to the drawing table I can sit down in front of my computer with my tablet and begin to sketch.  I just like making images and it doesn’t matter what tools I use to create the image.

Having a monitor that I can actually draw on helps a great deal. I use a Cintiq 12wx which is an old model. The newer version is  the Cintiq 13HD. These models are their more affordable versions, though if I had the cash I would buy the large monitors. It is well worth the money. You can have a look at their tablets on their website here.

This past weekend I found myself busy with an assignment. The only personal work I managed to do are the sketches I did on my computer in-between breaks. I made use of what little time I had experimenting with some images I made in Sketchbook Pro 6, bringing them into Photoshop to create an watercolor affect. 

Also spent time practicing with the pencil and ink brush tools in Sketchbook Pro. 


  1. You have so much skill. If you don't make art for a living, you should.

  2. Congratulation for your work!!!!
    A lot of amazing drawings and paintings and nice tricks. I had never heard about bristol and watercolors, it looks interesting and I will try it soon.
    The characters from imagination are really good too.
    I let you a link to a french illustrator called Jean Baptiste Monge, the guy is very good too. Hope you like it...


  3. Your work is great, I know this is not the credit of the digital painting tablet, you must be an artist.