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New Video And Digital Painting Done In Sketchbook Pro 6

At left is the title page for my the latest video I've posted on my YouTube channel. Bellow it is of course the image without the type.

I decided not to talk through this one and just paint. These images are done in Sketchbook Pro 6. The software is by far the easiest one I've used, (I have worked in Photoshop and Corel Painter as well as Illustrator and Gimp). It is just so much easier for me to find and adjust the tools and brushes in Sketchbook Pro so that I am able to work a lot faster than I do in the other programs.

I enjoy doing these video demo's. I would enjoy doing some in watercolor as well, or maybe an oil painting- when I have the proper set up to film something like that. In the mean time I've embedded the video bellow and invite you to visit my YouTube channel here for more video tutorials and demos.

Working In Different Mediums, ( Pen and Ink)


The Convenience Of Drawing And Painting On the Computer


The Importance Of Drawing

Spending a good amount of time drawing something I intend to paint often helps me in the long run. I have a good idea of how I am going to tackle it, I've made some mistakes and identified the areas that are going to be difficult for me. It's not 100% but it does increase the probability of success. Working as a realist, drawing is the skeleton upon which I build my image.

I had this idea of doing a triple portrait of my son and I've made these drawings ahead of starting the painting. If you would allow me to be my own worst critic I will tell you the difficulty I had in drawing these.

 I had to spend a lot of time developing the structure I was going to build my drawing on. That is to make sure that this reads as a solid head, all the parts are in there proper place and properly aligned, the nose, the ears, the eyes, the mouth. I ripped a couple of pages out of my sketchbook and started over again and what I ended up with may not be perfect but they were the efforts of a…