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A Visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

After so long an absence I finally took the trip to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I remember as an art student it was a trip I made almost every weekend and sometimes I would even skip school to spend the day at the Met.

There is no substitute for the experience of seeing the actual works of art. The best reproductions never do the work any justice (and I have tons of art books). A good example of this is the painting Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau. I have often seen images of the painting in books, magazines and on the internet but I saw the actual painting for the first time on this museum visit. The color, the way the paint is laid on, the size, there was so much that could not translate in a reproduction of the thing. Only going there to actually see the painting could give you a full appreciation of the work and become an experience of deep appreciation for the work and the incredible talent of the artist. The very same thing can be said of Rembrandt…

My Digital Sketchbook


Watercolor Sketches And A video Tutorial Using Sketchbook Pro 6


Why I Do So Many Self Portraits

I've done a lot of self portraits over the years the main reason being I am my most available model. My wife will pose for me sometimes, its like pulling teeth but my children will pose occasionally. Beyond that I have to rely on my camera and the train ride where I get to sketch my fellow passengers on my way to and from work.

Doing  self portraits does not always have to be a straight forward portrayal. Rembrandt cast himself as biblical characters and also made a series of etchings displaying different emotions. Sometimes I paint myself looking very angry or serious or laughing, etc.

As funny as this might sound, I've never owned a denim jacket and always wanted one as a teenager. When I finally purchased one for myself I painted  a self portrait wearing it. I did the same when my wife gave me a leather jacket as a gift.

 Adding props, particular clothing, even making faces make it fun and it also keeps my hand moving as I strive to paint daily.