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Drawing From Imagination Tutorial - Video

I posted a video tutorial on YouTube on how to draw the male head from imagination. The biggest thing I wanted to pass along is how important it is to know or recognize the foundation of the skull underneath all the features, that the features are placed where and how they are because of the skull.

Hopefully I explained it well enough and the demonstrations helped. I post the drawings here as well as embed the video. I would appreciate any feed back about the video. Was it helpful? Was it clear? Is there something else that anyone would like to see as far as doing more tutorial's?

I do plan to do another on drawing the female face of course.

Working In Traditional and Digital Mediums

Been doing a lot of digital sketching lately. Its very convenient to work on my computer. No set up or clean up, all I need to do is sit in front of my computer, open the program and start. When I'm done I just save and close.

   Convenient but I find working in traditional media like the watercolor wash sketch at left or the drawings bellow much more enjoyable . I do like working on the computer and learning new programs though. My preference may just be based on what I am used to working with- the same as the way someone might prefer watercolors over oils or pencil over charcoal.

    Lately I've been working in Sketchbook Pro 6. But what ever is done, unless you are doing photo manipulation, really depends on the same skills needed to work in traditional mediums. The computer serves as just another medium. I think the big advantage with digital work is that its easier to reproduce, which works fine for commercial work but then the only thing you would have to hang on a …