Monday, January 7, 2013

Doodling/ Sketching, Drawing For The Fun Of It

When I was a kid in school I would doodle along the margins on the pages of my notebooks.  Sometimes I would devote a whole page to whatever I was imagining at the time. I was lucky that neither my teachers nor my parents were too bothered by my habit, at least I don’t remember anyone complaining about it- as long as homework assignments and test papers were free from doodles.

I also remember when I went bowling, (again as a kid), with my brother, cousin and a friend or two, I would always draw on the table using those little pencils they gave us to keep score. I filled the table top with drawings of comic book and cartoon characters. Never heard what management thought of my drawings- the table was always wiped clean whenever we came back.

In high school I used to pull all-nighter’s in my room filling the pages of a sketch book with doodles. I realize I used to draw a lot more then than I do now and I still try to draw every day.  I mostly succeed at doing just that but not as much from my imagination as I did back then.

I’ve read a few articles this week on doodling. I’ve read where doodling actually helps people, who would otherwise have become bored, to be able to focus and concentrate more on a lecture or class or whatever was going on at the moment and those that doodled were able to retain more information than those who didn’t. What it does for me though is it helps me to have fun, to play, to relax. Drawing and painting can become so serious for me, so much about getting things right, about continuing to learn and get better at it. 

So I spent the weekend doodling and I noticed that as I went on to the next page I tried something else, became a bit more ambitious. I pulled out some photo reference, I went from using a portion of the page to using the whole page, and (I guess the size would make it less a doodle and more a sketch?).

I had fun doodling this past weekend.

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