Thursday, October 25, 2012

If I Had More Time...

 Some days I’m just trying to find something to work on, other days I have so many ideas and so little time.

Pre-inked Red Death Illo
Inked Red Death illo.
I want to work up these illustrations for Edgar Allen Poe’s story ‘Masque of the Red Death’. I have an idea to illustrate the story and I’ve been working up a bunch of thumbnails for it. I think since it’s my own project I’m going to give myself all the time in the world to do it as best I can.

 The Illustration on the left is the pre-inked illustration for the opening of the story. On the right is the inked version which I think I'll redo. I feel I can do a better job.

I also have a number of watercolors I want to paint but all I’ve had the time for lately is to a bunch of quick sketches. Need more time.

 Left and right, a couple of self portraits.

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