Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finding Something I Want To Paint

Last couple of years I've gone to the park on my lunch hour to paint. This year I find that I'm not as enthused about painting in the park. Maybe I need to change location, find another spot to paint, or I may just need to start painting and find my enthusiasm as I work.

I have a few strategies when it comes to finding the motivation to paint. The first is to just sketch or doodle knowing that at some point I'll get more involved in what I'm doing and begin to plan a painting. The other is to read a work of fiction and find images in the writing. Another is to look through art books at the work of artists that I admire. Lastly, but most importantly, is just to have the discipline to continue to work and find my enthusiasm as I work.

I continued to doodle through out the week and I walked to the park with my watercolors hoping to find something that would cry out to be painted. On my way out of the park I saw the flute player who I painted last year. I took some photos of him to use as reference when I got home.

Now that I have something I want to paint I should be able to work through my lack of enthusiasm, or at least be able to start on that path. I think that taking some time to look at art would help as well, anyway I have something to work on.

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