Friday, January 27, 2012

No Excuses, Just Shut Up And Paint

Don't say, 'I haven't the time.' You have as much time everyday as the great masters. (Irwin Greenberg)

It’s funny, but now that I can use my right hand again, having almost fully healed from the surgery, I’m still stuck with the problem of finding the time to paint. It seemed as if I spent time staring at my hand and longing for the time when I can paint with it again and now that that time is here -I guess I just need to manage my time better. 

It could be that I feel more like I’m fumbling with the paint, trying to get back into a groove, but that would just be an excuse. I keep remembering Greeny, art instructor from my days at the High School of Art and Design, and how he taught about the discipline of painting everyday- anything that you want to do to the best of your ability is going to take discipline and as long as you’re doing your best it will be the hardest thing you can do.  Greeny  told the class one day that Michelangelo once said that if people saw how much work he put into his art they would not think it so amazing. Painting requires a lot of discipline and takes a life time to evolve.

Today is Friday so I’m looking forward to a weekend of painting, I just need to have the discipline to get it done.

The images that I uploaded on this post are what I have painted since the splint had come off my right hand, (I also posted about couple of drawings and paintings on my previous post).

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