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No Excuses, Just Shut Up And Paint


I Begin to Paint Again ,Thank God

Had not posted in a while, been waiting for my hand to heal. Finally got the splint off my hand a little while back and although my thumb is not 100% I am able to draw and paint although not with out a little discomfort, (its still a bit swollen and numb). Still it's better than trying to paint left handed.
At left is not my first watercolor since getting back the use of my hand, it was the first one I didn't toss in the trash. All I can say is - back to the struggle of learning how to paint everyday and loving every moment of it.

Another sketch done while riding the train to work. Done in water soluble graphite pencil and a Niji Water Brush. Again, this is not the first sketch Ive done only the better one since getting the splint off my right hand.