Monday, December 19, 2011

I Continue To work left Handed Waiting For My Right Hand To Heal

This is turning out to be a really difficult time trying to continue working with my left hand while my right hand is healing. There are so many things I can do a lot easier and automatically with my right hand. At the same time I have to focus and concentrate a lot more and it takes me longer to put down a line because I am using my left hand and I guess that’s a good thing.

I’m trying not to think of this as 
 lost time though I can’t paint or draw anything of quality right now it is still a lesson in discipline. It is a matter of continuing to draw and paint daily and to solve problems and right now the problem is training my left hand to do what my right hand did. The great thing is that I find myself relying on my sight more. I was so quick to draw what I thought I saw depending on my hand to give a close translation of the image in front of or in my mind. Now I have to rely less on my hands and double check that it works according to what I’m looking or thinking about. It’s a lot more work and for right now I’m not thinking of doing any ambitious painting but I am dreaming about it.
 The drawing on the left is a start I made in line because its hard for me to put down values with the same control I had with my right hand. I'll re-post when I finish it.

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