Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sketching In Tradirional And Digital Media

The two sketches included in this post are done from photo's I took at Zuccotti Park. The one at left was done in oils. Although I wasn't happy with the sketch I much prefer to work in traditional media. That's not to say I don't like digital paintings. I have seen a lot of really wonderful paintings done digitally. However I also see that the quality of their work is due to their knowledge of art and traditional drawing and painting skills. In other words the computer is just another medium and not the artist.

There are advantages to working either way.  For one thing with traditional media you have a tangible piece of art that can be framed and hung or sold. With digital media you have a much more portable piece of work that is easier to reproduce.

The painting on the lower left was done in Photoshop. I had a much easier time with this one I think mostly because of having done the previous sketch and also I liked the photo I used for this painting better. I tried to imitate the same look and feel I get in traditional media. I used mostly dry media brushes in Photoshop and the layers were at varying degrees of transparency.

I included a video bellow In which I captured what was on my screen as I worked on the digital painting.


  1. wow! I liked the video! did you use a graphic pad for the digital drawing? I can never get my mouse to be that accurate!

  2. Thanks JennFamousart. I used a Cintiq tablet that's made by Wacom. Its basically a monitor that you can draw on with a pressure sensitive pen. I'm amazed at what people can do with a mouse but I got the Cintiq because it's feels more like I'm working with a pencil or brush.