Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Illustration Assignment

Working on an illustration assignment, a new picture book and a new website has kept me busy for sometime, Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post anything lately because I’ve been so busy.

I will post the new illustration assignment after it is printed. For now I will post an illustration I did a while back for Guide Magazine. I tried something new with this assignment. I created all the elements of the illustration separately and then put them together in Photoshop by cutting and pasting them in the program. I wanted to see if this could be a faster way of working. It allowed me to work quickly and to easily make changes in the artwork. I was able to move the images around, resize them or change color and value right in the program. Since each element was on a different layer I could change one area without affecting the others.

The first two images show the artwork done in pen and ink and watercolor on paper then scaned into Photoshop. I used the lasso tool to select the image then copied and pasted it onto a new page with a transparent background, cleaned it up by removing the white around the image so that the image is floating on the page.

 Here I put all the elements together in separate layers and moved them around and resized them till I'm satisfied with the arrangement. I will still move them around as the illustration develops.

Here I start to work on the background unifying the picture and working any rough or unwanted edges into the background.

 This close up shows how I worked in the smoke from the explosion into the background.
 On the left  the picture is nearly finished. having done all the different parts as separate drawings on 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper allowed me to work quickly on the final image in Photoshop, at least for this illustration in which the background was uncomplicated.
I first save the image as a Photoshop document, preserving all the layers just in case I need to make anymore changes I then save it as a jpeg image.

I bring back the jpeg into a separate Photoshop document and tweak the contrast and the levels till I get what I want. Like everything I do I have to live with it for a while before I decide how I feel about the final image, to decide whether or not this way of working was a success and if I will use it again.

Here is the final illustration.

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